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Seminars and master classes

All over the world

2018 year

Concept: master classes, trainings, seminars.

Services performed:



We conduct master classes, trainings, seminars for making sushi at home. We host bachelorette parties, birthdays, themed parties. We improve the skills of professional workers, prepare them for professional work in the kitchen. Individual and group trainings. Full adaptation of personnel to the necessary tasks in each case. Any locations in any countries and cities. All requests are resolved on an individual basis. Teaching people both: sushi techniques and the business. Thematic evenings by general agreement with the client.

Final result:

  • Fully thought-out, interesting, playful and informative seminars for children and adults, where everyone will be able to cook sushi at home no worse than a professional sushi master.

  • Providing the necessary knowledge and competencies to people who want and are ready to learn culinary skills in the field of Japanese cuisine.


2. Recruitment of staff for further hiring in sushi bars

Search for competent local or international employees to fulfill the tasks set by the concept of the restaurant and their further training. HR, search, negotiations, organization of meetings, test period of work, adaptation to a specific menu, training. Any specialty: from cooks to administrators and even managers.

Final result:

  • Quick employment of workers in restaurants of different levels around the world.

  • Accompaniment on all necessary issues.

  • Full training in a new specialty if necessary or lack of competencies.

 6 years

total time in the project




master classes



workers did not change jobs


people improved their skills


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