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Image by Mahmoud Fawzy

Flying Fish

Latvia, Riga

 2014 year

​Concept: sushi bar, take away & delivery.

Services provided:

1. Turnkey business

Creating absolutely everything from scratch: finding a place, market analysis, creating a logo and full brand, positioning on the market, website, concept development, menu and menu engineering, recruitment, training, kitchen arrangement, hall furnishing, advertising, design, administrative tasks.

Final result:

  • Fully working, competently built exclusive business project, corresponding to the initially set goals and objectives, completed by a professional team in the shortest possible time within the established budget.


2.Full support 

Full support and business management after launching. Team building, management, marketing, administrative tasks, quality control, further staff training and recruitment of new team members. Full-fledged daily work in the created project, the main task of which is to optimize costs, bring to mind all production processes, gradually increase margins and control what is happening.

Final result:

  • Controlled unforced start under the supervision of professionals.

  • Fully optimized, well-designed and built project.

  • All production processes are perfected and do not require further adjustment.

  • The staff is properly recruited, trained and fully autonomous, capable of performing all assigned tasks independently.

  • The strongest strengthening of the brand on the market among competitors was made.

  • A strategy has been created for the development of the brand for the coming years ahead with the full disclosure of the inherent potential.

  • Increasing the overall margin up to 70% due to the exclusive products offered.

  • Reducing the total food cost up to 30% due to cost optimization.

 2,5 years

total time in the project

months to open


food cost

average bill

29 € 





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