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My name is Antons Paskovskis, I am the founder of the company

«Profart Sushi Academy».


Since 2008, my professional path in the sushi industry began, and already in 2011, I independently launched my first «turnkey business» project in France, in the city of Troyes for my classmate from this city, when I studied at the university with a degree in business management of restaurants/hotels/travel agencies. I was studing there for an exchange by the Erasmus program. It was a dumpling cafe, a dining room concept in a very authentic style, completely invented and implemented with our own strength and knowledge. My first truly large-scale project, from which it all began.


Then there were many business trips to various countries, and in some of them more than once: Norway, Finland, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and others. I have been on all these business trips since the opening and took a direct part in it. Created a sushi business from the very beginning, acting as a person who built a kitchen operation for himself, creating various menu variations and establishing a connection between the team and the owner of the business. Even then, I created interesting working concepts, assembled teams of cooks on my own and trained them on the job site. I gained colossal experience and acquired the very practical skills that no one at the university has ever told and will never tell.

Then in 2014 I opened my own sushi business. The very moment when I began to understand both sides: the owner of the business with his experiences, and the employees, having been it for a long time. I plunged into the so-called “back office” and started doing bookkeeping, costing, taxation, income, margins, profits, salaries, schedules, contracts, contingencies, management, marketing, smm, promotions, opening other outlets, finding investors and with everything else.

Later i starting to supply raw materials for sushi restaurants in Latvia. Trading, large wholesale, full understanding of quality raw materials on the market, pricing and logistics. Work with European, Asian suppliers.

After that I am doing workshops and seminars for people who want to learn how to cook sushi at home. After some time, when the popularity of this direction greatly increases, I open an academy specifically for teaching people both techniques and business. And of course, I continue to travel around the world and open a “turnkey business” according to the various requests of my clients.

Then, I recruit the best people in their narrow specializations into my team, personally tested by me in many years of joint work, and we begin creating projects of the highest professionalism and providing our clients with the best service.

We are not analogues of franchises that simply take an entry fee + % of turnover from their partners and at the same time do not help them in any way to make their branch work in plus. I know this from the inside. We do what others are afraid to dream of. For in order to do something of high quality, you need to have knowledge. Big knowledge. And we know and we can. And we do. We will make your dreams come true, where the restaurant will serve you, and they will bring a good income.

Welcome to «Profart Sushi Academy»!

To the company that delivers results!

Geography of projects

Own business





2022, 2023


2019, 2021

2016, 2018

2014, 2017





Switzerland - Zermatt, Rupperswil

Finland - Turku, Helsinki

Austria - Linz

Russia - Moscow, St. Petersburg

Latvia - Riga, Adazi

Netherlands - Zevenaar

Norway - Bergen

France - Troyes

«Profart Sushi Academy».

Seminars and master classes to teach people how to cook sushi.

Trading company «Q.R.F» with further joint work with the Moscow company «Trading House - World Sushi».

Sushi bar «Flying fish» with further expansion in shopping centers.

Higher School of Business «Turība».

Bachelor's program in business management of restaurants / hotels / travel agencies.

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Whatsapp +41 76 262 48 26

Telegramm +371 20 340 547

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