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About company
«Profart Sushi Academy»

«Profart Sushi Academy» exists primarily to help people. Thanks to our international experience in various countries of the world, we have tremendous experience that allows us to solve any desires and tasks of our clients.


We are entirely for the result! Therefore, we are constantly developing ourselves and adapting our work to the realities of a rapidly changing time. But high-quality service and respect for our own business and name always remain relevant. Our goals, ambitions and dreams have laid a solid foundation for our company, which we can rightfully be proud of. Projects we have created are proof of this. And some of them, created with our help at the beginning, have grown into independent large projects and franchises.

The total experience in the industry today is more than 15 years,

and the first "turnkey business" was completed in 2011 in France, in the city of Troyes. Every year the geography of our company increases, and this indicates that we are moving in an international direction, without boundaries and limits. The experience of working in different countries allows us to learn new things ourselves and adopt the best.

Our company carries out the most unusual, creative, complex projects of any complexity around the world.

We do absolutely everything: from consultations, master classes, seminars/trainings and recruiting qualified personnel for international work till creating completely independent and exclusive Japanese restaurants, sushi bars, take-away and delivery chains. We can also use other cuisines when creating the concept of a fusion restaurant for our customers, as it was in 2012 in Norway, in the city of Bergen, where 4 types of cuisine were combined: Japanese, Asian, Italian and European.

We solve any issues and give competent assistance!


Write to us and we will certainly help you!

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