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Your business under our support

«Profart Sushi Academy» offers exclusive service for anyone who is going to open a sushi restaurant business today anywhere in the world.


We are not just a company, we are an academy. Our main task is to teach the client the necessary knowledge and tools that allow them to manage the sushi business industry on their own and develop, strengthening their brand and the direction set at the start.


We train, we create a "turnkey business"!

Fast, professional, competent and

always individual,

based on the wishes of the client.

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About the company
«Profart Sushi Academy»

The name of the company literally translates as:


Prof - professional, Art - art, skill, craft

Only with these two elements success is achieved in this difficult, but very interesting and profitable business.

The total experience in the industry today is more than 15 years,

and the first "turnkey business" was completed in 2011 in France, in the city of Troyes.

We do absolutely everything: from consultations, master classes, seminars/trainings, personal recruitment till the creation of completely independent and exclusive Japanese restaurants, sushi bars, take-away and delivery chains. We can also use other cuisines as well when create the concept of a fusion restaurant for our customers, as it was in 2012 in Norway, in the city of Bergen, where 4 types of cuisine were combined: Japanese, Asian, Italian and European.

We are highly specialized professionals in our restaurant business with experience in various countries, which allows us to perform 100% tasks in this industry. Full organization and subsequent optimization of all processes to achieve the most effective result.

Do you want guaranteed results? Then contact us.


  We also have experience in creating unusual and creative formats, such as a training school of sushi in Austria, in the city of Linz, with subsequent training in this craft for our clients.

Together we create the necessary concept of a business project, find extraordinary solutions, set goals and achieve them.

All this happens in an amazing mood and with a great desire to work.

Services available



We solve any issues related to the transfer of all the necessary information for the successful conduct of a gastronomic business at any level of its creation: from the choice of premises and its location, to documentation for gastranomic kitchen checks.

Answers to any questions, issuance of recommendations.


Searching for competent international workers to fulfill the tasks set by the restaurant concept. HR, search, negotiations, organization of meetings, test period of work, adaptation to a specific menu, training. Any specialty: from cooks to administrators and even managers.

Kitchen and menu

Full organization of the kitchen workplace: creating a kitchen from scratch (purchasing all the necessary equipment, headsets, appliances), creation of an exclusive menu, menu engineering with further amendments, prices and market analysis, photos, costing and technological cards.

Turnkey business

Creating absolutely everything from scratch: finding a place, market analysis, brand, website, concept, menu, recruitment, training, equipment, advertising, design, administrative tasks.

The client receives a fully working, well-built exclusive business project, fully created by a professional team.


We conduct master classes, trainings, seminars for making sushi at home. We host bachelorette parties, birthdays, themed parties. We improve the skills of professional workers, prepare them for professional work in the kitchen. Individual and group training.

Full support

Full support and assistance in running a business after its launch. Team building, management, marketing, administrative tasks, quality control, further staff training and recruitment of new team members. Cost optimization, gradual margin increase.


Contact us for detailed information on the services provided.
Services are calculated purely individually depending on your request.

Image by Jesse Ballantyne